Saturday, March 29, 2008

What my "About Me" should say...

Saturday, March 29, 2008

So, Kristyn sent me this thing where Id been "tagged" and I had to blog about 12 random things about myself, and then tag 6 more peeps, not including her, to do the same. So, for you, Kristyn, here goes:

1. I am scared to death of/pass out at the sight of blood.

2. I have a fear of not wearing makeup when in public.

3. I wish I were a better writer, secretly.

4. I hate confrontation and seeing physical fights make me have panic attacks.

5. I loooooovvvvveeeeeee to drink milk, but only up to 5 days after it was purchased.

6. I owe more money than you know for student loans, and will be in debt for quite a while.

7. I looooovvvvveeeee chocolate and think its the best thing in the world.

8. I am super-self-conscious about my body 97% of the day and night.

9. I think that people think Im a flake. Im not.

10. I have 2 chihuahuas.

11. I would love to have the guts to get tons of tattoos!

12. I miss college days, but id change some things.

I now tag Miss New Booty, Miss Hoots, Dawn, Amber, Jade and Jennoula...

Friday, March 14, 2008

"Keep the Change You Filthy Animal!"

Friday, March 14, 2008

Oh how Home Alone always makes me feel like im a tween again!

Greetings from the desk of one Miss Leah Watson. Thats right, my cube, if you will, is the site of this blog. Im on lunch break. I have all the time in the world right now to write because, well, Im anorexic. Its this new idea Ive come up with, seems to be pretty successful so far. If you dont count the hunger pangs and drop in body temperature, its a pretty pleasant diet!

Ok, ok, fine. As much as id love to join the anorexia nervosa community on myspace, Im too chicken. By that I mean I like to eat chicken. ANd other foods. Which makes me a failure at anorexia. Oh well, just mark it off the "Things Im Not Very Good At" list, right underneath "Sports", "cooking", and "Being capable of envoking human emotion".

I was sitting here (verrry busy...ah-em) and thinking about my life. It hit me that this year alone, Ive made tons of changes/improvements to myself. They never hit me as they were happening, but now I can look back and see that I have been making great strides toward becoming a (Excuse me, this is hard, i need a moment...*breathe...breathe*) Ok, Im good now. I guess they say every 7 years your body changes, and by 28 you have changed into the shiny adult-model of a human being that your parents have been longing for since you were shitting in diapers and whining everytime you couldnt get a candy bar in the store. Oh yeah, and since they found that bong that you insisted was a "vase" when you were 16. I guess the theory could be right. Youre brand spankin new when youre a baby, and I did notice at 7 I was becoming wayyy more intuitive (and by this I mean I knew what Barbie was gonna want to wear even before she did!). Then at 14, there were of course puberty changes (tiny boobs) but also I began to write. Poetry with my sister Bailey, this thing called "The Story" with my best friend Julie (which has never been spoken of til now). Then theres the age of 21, where, of course, we all start to bar-hop (the respectable people do) and revert back to a time of crying with your skirt in the air in public and going boy crazy (I guess at this time we revisit age 7 and 14, just for a recap). And now Im approaching, reluctantly and with great kicking and screaming, 28, where apparently another change will come into play. I see this already happening, and I will now display some of the changes Ive made and the reasons why I think Im becoming an adult:

Donia: Obviously this was a huge change in my life, but a good one nonetheless. Being honest with yourself and standing up for something you believe is a sign of adulthood in that, before growing up, we feel we need to please everyone with everyhting, even if this means sacrificing ourselves. I could get more into this, but its not the time. This is a good one-on-one convo if you ever want my philosophy on my life.

Seattle: I love RI, I love the friends and family I have there. I love the life I built. I also (finally) love that I could step outside of that, just for a time, and see other stuff. Other people. Other streets and trees and grass. And another ocean. It will always be cool to say "I lived there once". New cultures and philosophies are interesting and shouldnt be taken for granted...

New Job: I am very happy about this change because I actually feel like all the money that will (eventually) go to my student loans will be worth it. Its nice to use my head in a different way now. I would like to stick with the 9-5 also. Those who have always worked that sched just dont appreciate it enough!

$$$: This one is two-fold because not only did I take a harsh paycut taking on a new job field, but I also, even before the job change, learned to save $$$ like never before. When I decided in June to move at the end of August, I had to get my ass in gear and figure out a way how. How stupid I have been all these years. The restaurant was a cash cow, and I blew it all on clothes and bars and crap. I did, however, enjoy these nights out in my new clothes with my friends and all the crap, but I now see that I wasnt really thinking ahead. I thought I’d freak out when I learned of the money Id be making here, but then I remembered that I dont buy anyhting anymore. No unnecessary purchases to just stack around the house or shut away in a closet. I am very happy with this lifestyle change, and I encourage others to look at themselves and see what they could eliminate from their consumerism habits. Trust me, saving is actually more fulfilling than new shoes you only wear once...

Speaking of shoes: I wear flat shoes now. If you knew me ever you knew that my shoes were tall and big and Id have it no other way. Flash forward to the ankle injury. Flats for a year, and now, theyve stuck. Im currently in the market for some sensible work shoes (never thought those words would come out of my mouth!)

Nightlife: I used to go out every Saturday night, no exceptions, and spend a ton at the bar. Then there were also random Miller’s nights, which cost another $20 bucks each week. Now its like out-to-eat once a month and the bar once a month. Occasionally there are random happy hour nights, but its been cut down considerably. (Not being sloppy drunk in bars every night may be the reason why I have no friends here, though.)

As far as friends: Well, recently there have been some changes made to the relationships I held back home. Being away from everyone and everything you know causes you to hold on to certain people, those who are most important. Somehow the others fall away. Myspace has really helped me stay in touch, and thank God cuz I hate the phone. I text some people, call a very few, and even write handwritten letters to one! Myspace is most of it though. I just had to let go of some of the bullshit and figure out who, when I took the time out, I wanted to spend time on.

YMCA (not the dance): The gym is slowly starting to become part of our lives. We feel great every time we go. I cant wait to see changes in my body and mind (and jeans)...all I know is I never wanna be older and unhealthy. Its not worth it.

TV: I have considerably cut down on TV. I cant stress considerably enough! I went from the peak high of TV watching (when I was hurt and unable to drive for months) to the lowest of low (right now). With a 9-5 you dont see TV in the day, I dont get up early enough to see it in the AM, and at night I like to spend time with Donia, we cook, and read and workout and things like that. I watch the shows I really wanna watch only---this includes L WOrd, LOST, A.I. (though Im losing momentum and am giving this up), Biggest Loser (its my first season and I love it), and Jeopardy. Wheel of Fortune sometimes, too, but we dont enjoy that as much. Sometimes when Im bored Ill put the TV on, but seeing as we have more things to do, and a lot less channels than ever, its not a priority anymore.

Music: Im trying to open up to new music, but its hard for me. I like the familiar. Ive recently forced myself to take CDs out from the library and force-feed them into my ears.

Dialect: Not many people say I have an accent, unless Im upset or worked up, then it emerges slowly. I now like to say fun words like "F" and "whatevs". Its cool to cut words short now, and Ive taken to it with open arms.

PM: I go to bed so early now! I cant even believe it myself. The Applebees days kept me up til 2 or 3 AM every night, whether I was working or just hanging out or even home alone! Now, 10 PM and you can stick a fork in me. Im done with the day. On to the next, I say!!! Im at the point in my life, I hate to admit, where Im not a Rockstar anymore. That was our term when wed want our friends to stay out late and party. "But I have to work at 8" "Come on, youre fine, be a rockstar!" And we all would oblige...every time. No one wanted to fail at being a Rockstar. Now, Im woman enough to admit "Im getting up at 7:30, and I dont want to be tired!" (Loser...)

Reading, Writing, and Movies: We have Netflix, and in order to fulfill Donia’s "Get more for your money" philosophy, we are forced to watch them promptly, and return them just so we can get more. I dont even think she enjoys them, just has to check them off her list. I was never a movie person, but it is a fun way to spend an evening sometimes, in the comforts of your home with a glass of wine and Chihuahua cuddled in your lap.

I write more now ever since I was jobless. I still dont think its great, but hey, a few of you do, and thats cool with me. I have started to look up a lot of blogs, too, and read the work of others. I love it. Who knows, maybe some day therell be a tell-all book (watch out!)

I read a lot now becasue I want a better vocab and wanna see peoples’ styles of writing. I also wanna do something that makes me feel like Im being productive, which reading does. My library card is my friend, my only friend, and I love him!

A small update, one for my mom: I eat cream cheese and crax still, but I have switched from Town House crax to Wheat. Not as good, but better for me. :)

Things I would Like to Change But Havent Yet:

Learn to type like a grown up

Meet new people at work

Find a church around here and go

Volunteer with the elderly

MAke friends!!!!!!!

If any of the things in this blog interest you, comment. Ill answer, if Im not too busy reading and/or watching movies I never wanted to see in the first place..

Monday, March 10, 2008

Philosophy 101

Monday, March 10, 2008

If my point is that I dont have a point, do I then have a point and not have a point at the same time? (something I thought of while in the shower. Wecome to my brain...I suggest you dont stay too long...)

Its been a while since Ive written a blog about nothing in particular (aka rambled), so here goes. Id like to thank Starbucks for this [overpriced] cup of coffee, providing me enough caffeine to get thru the morning, as well as this blog...

First order of business is last nights dream. I had a crazy amount of dreams last nioght, but the one I remember the best is that I was watching TV and saw a reporter some on and say Justin Timberlake was missing, and that hed been murdered. I was so sad at that moment! I searched this weird house for anyone to talk to because I was so devasstated. I found some kids. So...flash forward to real life, I just told this dream to my friend (not sister) Kara and this was her response:

"Justin Timberlake will never die...they will freeze him next to walt disney so that they could eventully find a way to bring sexy back. "
Genius! Pure fucking genius! I am kicking myself (which is hard to do, try it) that I didnt think of it first. Kudos, Kara, kudos...
I am at "work" right now (I will continue to use quotes until I actaully start becoming busy). Ive spent the morning reading blogs and looking up new blogs I could get into. Right now I love this blog Shes funny, a good writer, and shes the girl who recaps the L WOrd every week. Check her out if you want something [with more quality than my stuff] to read. Ive yet to write a fan letter to her because I need to spend time thinking up the perfect comments. Dont wanna be too crazy, but wanna give her the props she deserves. This guy is cool too...
This weekend was very low key, which is what Im always a fan of. We have been going to the Y now like good girls, trying not to skip a day (and if we do, deciding on a make-up day). So we worked out Saturday. And by work out, I mean we started with some good ole fashioned street-nasty hoop! (Basketball, for you less hip kids). The courts were empty, so I said lets play! We had a small game of one on one, most of the game consisting of us arguing over what the rules were, me "checking" the ball every time I felt it necessary, and pretty much me schooling her! (Translation, I beat her). 5 to 1. Not bad for someone who hasnt played since 6th grade. We sure were sweatin, so as a cool down, we played a classic game of horse. In the end, we both walked off the court HOs...
We then went upstairs to the cardio center and did like 20 more minutes up there. Weve decided the bike is boring, the elliptical fun. We ran on the treadmill at a speed of 4, which was frightening at first. I was just waiting for one of us to go flying off the back in a classic treadmill-throws-girl-into-wall sort of scene. Though I didnt want to see her hurt, I was hoping for a good laugh! (oh well...)
After that we filled our weekend with none other than a bad-ass trip to the library. Now were ballin! (translation: sarcasm that we are indeed nerds and not cool). Did you know that the library has CDs that you can check out? This ultimately means you can take em home, stick em on your iPod and gain!!!!!!! Sweet deal! Im going to do some CD research right after this blog. I suggest you music/iPod buffs do the same...
Our final activity of the weekend (I know youre waiting with anticipation) was a trip to Kerry park in the beautiful, ritzy and affluent neighborhood of Queen Anne. Well, leave it to us, and by us I mean Donia of course, to take a bus, but not the best bus, to the park. We end up off the bus, only knowing where we were going by the direction of the pointed finger our bus driver provided us with. So, walking in that general direction on nothing but a wing and a prayer, and with great trepidation, we see a girl unloading something from her trunk. Donia says excuse me, we are looking for Kerry park, and the girl gives us this serious look and says "Will you lift one end of this please...". She said it like it would be our payment for her directions! Donia obliged, and then she said, all serious" Ok, you are pretty far and will need to truck it up that hill about 6 blocks. ummmm...see that guy wayyyyyyy up there, you have to go up those steps and then its to the left". Ok, so weve got our directions, but there are 101 problems with this whole scene. First off:
1. She was strange. And what she needed help with Donia said was actually very light. I hate wussy girls.
2. The hill she pointed to was about an 80 degree angle. The stairs that we saw the man on (we pretended to see the man becasue it was that far and are both blind as bats) was a 90 degree angle. We were fucked.
3. There was a bus that took us all the way up the hill and dropped us right near the park. We did not opt to take that bus. We suck.
So we start out on our journey and have no water or snacks. I had to actually stop at one point during one of our rests (we took 2) and use my inhaler. We finally reach the stairway to Heaven (which is where I figured they led cuz we couldnt see the top of them) and we see a man 40 years our senior running up and down them, voluntarily, as exercise! Now we felt dumb and out of shape.
We finally make it to the top and see the...park? That patch of grass and benches? Hm, it was a nice view (seeing as we climbed to the top of the world) of Seattle...absolutely alllll of Seattle, but a park? It was a glorified lawn. People in that neighborhood had yards bigger than it! My mom's yard is bigger! We were happy to be there, though, so we took a seat and enjoyed the view. Wow, what a nice place. Oh wait, you dont know, cuz you werent there and we didnt even bring a camera for pictures. Daytrip fumble 86. So we sat for a while, watched the families with their kids run around and play and photograph, and then read a little bit. Were on this I-read-to-Donia-like-shes-a-child kick right now. So I think that what Ive checked out of the library is a book by comedic author Dave Sedaris. I open the book and begin reading one of his short essays, or so I think. Im getting thru it and not laughing, and neither is she. Im bored by the story, and not til I get to the end and read the words " husband..." do I shut the book and realize that some woman wrote the book! Some unfunny woman! Dave Sedaris, consequently, wrote the Forward, not the book! Stupid library! When I typed in to search books by him, they led me to that piece of garbage! I found myself frustrated that Id wasted 10 minutes suffering thru her boring childhood memories. What a misleading system this library is! (The CD thing is still cool, though, so...) After my wasted reading time, we climb back down the stairs and got on the closer bus and made it home safe and sound. I had half a mind to march straight to the library and return that crappy book an hour after Id picked it up, throwing it on the counter of the "informnation" desk, and scolding the geek behind the desk to "Get her shit straight!". I didnt, though, cuz Im not that mean, nor do I have roid rage, or anger management problems, or anyhting of the sort. Im so glad Im not one of those people that would actually go thru with a stunt like that. They do exist though, and thats sad to me.
So, an end to a fun weekend and now its back to the grind. *HAHAHAHA...grind...thats funny. As if I have work...*
Well, I feel Ive blabbed enough. Im sure you feel the same. Check back later in the week for a riveting blog with such topics as 'me needing new shoes' and 'what I ate for lunch'. Its sure to be a killer. Or the boredom'll kill ya, either one...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The End of An Era...

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Favre has retired. I hang my head in sadness. I had another blog to write, but I need some time...