Thursday, October 11, 2012

Let's talk about freaky signs in life.

You know, the kind that make you go "oh shit"?

The other night I was talking to an old friend who said that I should start blogging again. I explained that, with being so busy with the baby, boyfriend, and job, among everything else, it just didn't seem feasible. Fast forward to last night, when I had a dream (terribly disturbing dream, actually) that I got SHOT. IN THE BACK. I remember seeing it happen, putting my hand on my back, and feeling the blood pouring out. The next thing I know I can't feel parts of my body and I'm being led out of a restaurant. It was the first time I'd been out since the incident and, in normal dream fashion, I was passed out for only 27 hours, then back up and at em. Right before Ren woke me up with her baby shrieking, I made the realization to my mom that I could never work again, and that the only thing I was ever going to be able to do was write.

Cue dramatic music and voila!

I'm back.